Allyson Seconds — LITTLE WORLD

imageSinger Allyson Seconds and songwriter/ producer Anton Barbeau have teamed up again for a new album. “Little World” picks up nicely where Allyson’s 2009 debut, “Bag of Kittens,” left off, matching her honey-velvet vocals with Ant’s layered and harmony-rich psych-pop songs.

As heard on NPR’s Fresh Air!
Listen here: Singer Allyson Seconds Revitalizes Power-Pop On ‘Little World’

“In Allyson Seconds’ singing, even when she says the sun isn’t shining, you nevertheless feel the warmth of the California sun. Her earnest phrasing bespeaks the sort of bright optimism that has characterized West Coast pop at least as far back as the early Beach Boys. The music she makes with her collaborator Anton Barbeau frequently whips up a psychedelic swirl that summons up images of trippy afternoons spent lying in the grass of a park or wiggling toes in the sand by the sea.

A couple of nicely appropriate cameo appearances on “Little World,” Nick Saloman of the British artsy pop band Bevis Frond plays guitar on “Sun Don’t Shine.” And Kimberley Rew, who was part of a fine American pop rock band Katrina and the Waves – remember “I’m Walking On Sunshine?” – plays a guitar solo on “Eye Kinda.” But ultimately, it’s Seconds and Barbeau who have revitalized power pop on “Little World” by creating an alternate universe of the sunniest sounds.”

– Ken Tucker, Fresh Air, NPR

“It should be an immediate moment of sitting up and taking notice of Allyson Seconds’ latest offering, Little World, just by virtue of the names that appear as players on this 11-track offering. Is it enough to begin with the likes of Colin Moulding, the legendary bass player/singer/songwriter of XTC or the late Scott Miller, the writer/visionary/driver of Game Theory and The Loud Family? Probably that’s more than enough, but the only reason you should pay attention is because this is simply an excellent album.

A second collaboration between Ms. Seconds and producer/multi-instrumentalist Anton Barbeau has delivered these upbeat, thoughtful, catchy, joyful songs and quite frankly, at this particular moment in time, songs like these are sorely needed…. Considering the adverse nature that brought about the writing of this album (seek out the story), like I said, it emits warmth, joy and positivity.  Not to mention quality songwriting and performances. Highly recommended.”

– Rob Ross, Popdose

22 October 2016